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Hello everyone! I hope you are all well and happy. :)

Chez Sarah, things have been pretty busy but I have also been attempting to enforce quiet time, some down time just for me. One can have too much of a good thing though; I am usually OK with living alone but now I am thinking a housemate could be nice. I know that Bonnie would like more human company too.

Hang on… I would then have to share my coveted bathroom space, right?

Hmm not sure if I’m ready for that! ;)

Some bad news: I have had to put my classroom based Japanese studies on hold for 2014. This is a big shame as I have enjoyed it very much, but I cannot get to classes on time due to work commitments. However, two of my good friends also cannot make this timeslot, so I’m hoping we can set up our own little study group!

Some great news: recently I have ordered a few goodies online and I have decided that I’ll devote my next YouTube video to that – a mega haul! :)


MYER in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall has undergone a refurbishment, which has included the beauty hall! :D As part of this, the local Benefit Cosmetics team have welcomed in a stunning new Browbar.



20140423_175824 (Copy)

20140423_175918 (Copy)

20140423_183019 (Copy)

20140423_183026 (Copy)

If your brows are in need of some love, from a bit of a tidy up to a full blown makeover, the Benefit gals can help! Waxing, tweezing, tinting and lash application services are all available.


The launch evening was a lot of fun and I learnt a lot about brows. Did you know that Benefit consider the brows to be the most important part of the face? I can understand why – when someone has fabulous brows, I always notice!

Manager of the Adelaide counter, Kitty, hard at work!

Manager of the Adelaide counter, Kitty, hard at work! (Yep, she has amazing brows!)

20140423_182335 (Copy)

20140423_183504 (Copy)

We were very lucky to receive some Benefit products to try at home, including the I’ve-heard-it’s-amazing Gimme Brow! I look forward to reviewing this thoroughly in the future.

gimme brow



Our luck didn’t stop on the night – we also each had the opportunity to book in for a complimentary Browbar session later on.

I have NEVER had my brows done… I feel quite self conscious about my brows, as I seem to have a lot of hair in some bits and none in areas that need it.

Is this the reason behind my fringe/bangs? ;) (No, actually I have a fringe because I think I have a huge forehead, and so I think I look better with the fringe. True story.)

Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and popped in to the Browbar a few days ago. I felt that the staff paid careful attention to my brows and what I wanted. I liked the tint but felt that extra shading and colour was a bit too harsh on my skin tone, particularly because I don’t wear heavy makeup most of the time. So, they filled them in more to show me what I could achieve, but were happy to then remove that for me before I left!

Here I am, waiting for the tint to develop… I was treated to an under-eye mask too!

20140426_134351 (Copy)

All in all, the consultation, tint, and wax took approximately 20 minutes. So you can fit it into your lunchbreak, if you work in the CBD, which is super handy!

Here are some before and after images so you can see my results!


An example of me without any brow tinting or waxing (I typically just tweeze my brows):



20140426_191840 (Copy)

I’m really glad I got my brows profesionally tinted and shaped – you can see in the above photo (apologies for lighting – new bathroom and mobile phone camera… the memory card for my DSLR is playing up, which is extremely frustrating!) that they now really stand out. I have not used any brow products at all in this makeup look, as the tint has given so much definition! Saves me time and work.

Overall, I was really happy with my Browbar experience and am loving my new brows! :) If you would like to treat your brows to some TLC, check out your local Benefit Cosmetics Browbar ASAP! Learn more about Benefit here.


Have you visited a Browbar before?

Do you agree that the eyebrows are a key facial feature?




Disclosure: I received a complimentary invitation to this event, plus samples (as pictured)
to take home, and a complimentary Browbar visit, as an Adelaide based beauty blogger.
I did not receive any monetary
compensation to attend the event nor write about it or products/companies featured.
All views, as always, are 100% my own.

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2 Responses to “Launch | Benefit Cosmetics’ Browbar (MYER Adelaide)”

  1. 30/04/2014 at 12:25 PM #

    Your brows look fantastic! I should definitely go and give Benefit a go I think. The manager’s brows are seriously perfect, love them! X

    • 30/04/2014 at 12:31 PM #

      Thanks Bec, I really notice the difference, particularly when barefaced! :) I strongly recommend you do, the staff are very friendly and will be eager to help you out. Oh yeah Kitty, is a makeup extraordinare! :)