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Tonight’s post kicks of a short series of entries about nails… Hope you enjoy!


Historically I have not been keen on trying out shellac or gel nail polish.


After having tried acrylics – once! – approximately 3 years ago, I hated the way my nails were left afterwards. I wanted to stay away from products that are “baked” on and require soaking skin in strong chemicals (in this case, acetone!), and possibly scraping, to remove. However, I did miss the beautiful glossy finish and look that such products can create. I was also curious as to how just use of a polish would compare to having a complete false nail stuck on.

So, when I was offered the opportunity to trial an at-home gel nail polish kit – from fuse gelnamel – I thought why not!?

fuse gelnamel

fuse gelnamel

What follows is my experience with the Starter Kit*^ on two occasions, in which I experienced quite different results! (^ The kit retails at $49.99 AUD, and individual polishes RRP for $14.99. You can read more about it and official stockists here. )

Before we go there, however, what is included in the starter kit? As can be seen here:

fuse gelnamel

fuse gelnamel
Also, is the fuse gelnamel system easy to use and operate?

fuse gelnamel

Yes, I think it is. The instructions are detailed and the kit contained everything I needed for my manicure! The LED lamp is cute, easily portable, and given it is based on a USB adapter you can even plug it in to your computer if on the go! However, one thing that I cannot get used to is the warm to sometimes hot (it won’t be hot if you are careful to apply thin coats only – as per the instructions!) feeling you get under the LED lamp. This reminded me of my acrylic nail experience (a sense of burning) and to me was unpleasant.

Also, ensure you allow enough time to do your nails. Each nail must be under the lamp, in turn, for a total of 1 minute (1 thin coat, under lamp 30 seconds, then repeat for coat 2). I found that allowing half an hour (from beginning to end, to complete all steps in the process) was sufficient.


Manicure # 1 – Polar Bare

fuse gelnamel polar bare

I loved this one! A nice subtle colour that you can wear anywhere, with a hit of shimmer to funk things up a bit. It lasted approximately a week on my nails, and then parts started to peel slightly which I couldn’t help but pick at! (Ok maybe a bit too much information, but true! ;)) I was very happy with the result.


Manicure #2 – use of Na-No Way with a coat of Lightning Jolt on ring finger of each hand

fuse gelnamel

I think there may have been something wrong with this particular bottle of Na-No Way – or simply that it had been exposed to the air and dried out a little by accident. When I applied it to my nails it had a thick consistency no matter how carefully I tried to apply it thinly. This resulted in my manicure chipping and peeling within 24 hours! :(

In any case, with both manicures I had very glossy, pretty nails!


Polish removal

I was fortunate to also receive a SensatioNail Removal Kit* in my parcel from fuse gelnamel’s PR team (fuse and SensatioNail are each part of the same company). This retails at $24.99 AUD at stockists such as Target, and contains foil + cotton like wraps for the nails (one per nail), acetone, a small bamboo manicure stick (<10cm long) and a small nail buffer (again <10cm).

IMG_3878 (Copy)

Also, again there are detailed instructions provided, which I appreciated.

Despite following the instructions, the process is quite messy which I suppose those who have gel  or shellac enamel done in the salon or at home are familiar with. However, it did work which I guess is the key!

All in all I thought that of the two products, the Starter Kit was the best value for money. However, if you want convenience, or are travelling and will need to remove gel polish, then the Removal Kit may be just what you need!

Beautiful Ratings:

Starter Kit 7/10 – quality 4/5 (lost a point for experience #2), value 3/5.

Removal Kit 5/10 – quality 3/5, value 2/5 (high price point compared to US RRP, and the individual components are relatively inexpensive if purchased separately).


Have you tried an at home gel or shellac nail polish kit? What was your experience like?





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  1. 15/04/2014 at 11:15 PM #

    This looks fairly easy to use, I might give this a try! You have beautful nails btw

    • 20/04/2014 at 7:51 AM #

      Hi Chrissy, yes overall I found it quite easy to use! :) Oh, thank you so much! :)