Kat Von D via NYC: Hits & Misses

Hi everyone!

Yes, at long last, I am beginning to review or otherwise feature products I bought during my US trip. Time flies huh?! :)

Tonight it’s all about Kat Von D cosmetics which are exclusive to European cosmetics and skincare retail giant Sephora. You might be surprised about what I thought, so do read on…


Ooh boy having the chance to visit a Sephora store in person is certainly a treat – but be prepared, you will not leave with much left in your wallet! :P

Prior to my departure for New York I made a list of brands and products that I wanted to try, so that I could attempt to stick to a budget… Kat Von D was high on my list because from what I’d read and seen the lipsticks and foundations looked beautiful, and I love Kat Von D’s personality and style (I’ve watched a few seasons of LA Ink in my time! ;)).

This brand is not cheap and, in the US, is actually a bit more than MAC in some cases! So my expectations were rather high…

What did I buy? Perhaps more importantly, what did I think?

kat von d painted lipstick

Painted Love lipsticks. Approx $25/each AUD, including local (NY) sales tax.

kat von d painted lipstick

From L to R – Stiletto, Lovecraft & Coral Castle. I couldn’t resist, I just *had* to try Lovecraft before I could take a photo!

First up we have the Painted Love lipsticks. They come in 10+ shades – there really is shade for everyone! They aren’t glossy but aren’t fully matte either. The packaging is sturdy but I think it could be a bit more sophisticated; it has a very plastic-y look and feel to it in real life, and is a bit chunky to hold.  However, I love the formula as it is not drying and the colour lasts well. Despite my swatching in store, and below (taken in natural light), unfortunately Stiletto is a bit too orange for my skin tone and hair. I’m going to bring it to a future local blogger swap meet!

Top to bottom, one swipe then built up, Stiletto, Lovecraft and then Coral Castle:

kat von d painted lipstick swatches

Beautiful Rating 8/10: quality 4/5 (packaging could be improved), value 4/5 (loses a point for the same reason – given the price I think packaging could be improved).


Next up, the Everlasting Face Shaper Blush! This one retails for approx $30 AUD including local (NY) sales tax; I bought the shade Truth:

everlasting face shaper blush kat von d

everlasting face shaper blush kat von d

everlasting face shaper blush kat von d

The packaging of this one is just beautiful – so elegant! It’s the main reason I bought it! ;) I thought the shade was also lovely and soft; unfortunately it didn’t photograph well when I tried to get some swatching happening, but this leads in to my gripe:

everlasting face shaper blush kat von d swatch

I have found this blush to be very difficult to build up and blend. The latter is particularly annoying because after really trying to get some colour on, to not be able to blend it out is extremely frustrating.  (So in a sense yes it is “everlasting”. ;)) Luckily, Truth is a delicate shade; there were many darker ones available and these could potentially be even more tricky to work with.

Beautiful Rating 5/10 – quality 3/5 (average), value 2/5 (given the quality and high RRP). I would not repurchase this.


It’s hinted at above, but the last Kat Von D item I’ve tried is the High Voltage Eye Primer (including local NY sales tax this is approx. $18-20 AUD). Unfortunately it was very hard to tell if this product had been used (!) – there were very few if any testers in the Sephora stores, chemists/drugstores and department stores I visited during my trip (crazy huh!).

high voltage eye primer kat von d

This primes and corrects, which makes sense (good coverage is handy in concealing any veins or other discoloration), but it is a tad yellow on me. This isn’t a big deal IF I ensure I only apply primer to areas in which I will definitely apply shadow. You gotta be precise! Also, as you can see on the back of my hand here, it doesn’t completely cover vein related discolouration:

IMG_3586 (Copy)

I like this primer but to me it’s not a standout product. It was also a bit oily every time I tried to get it out of the tube which meant I had to squeeze out quite a lot per application and product got wasted. I don’t like waste!

Beautiful Rating 6/10: quality 3/5 (for someone with more of an olive complexion this could be good, but the coverage aspect is a bit ???), value 3/5 (average, packaging and oily mix/wastage isn’t great).
(If you’d like to check out other primers I love, head to an older post of mine here.)

Sooooo as we can see we’ve got a hit, a not too bad, and a miss out of this lot! I hope these reviews can be of some help to you if/when considering purchasing from this line.


Have you tried this brand?

If you haven’t tried any of Kat Von D’s products yet, which is on the top of your list?




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5 Responses to “Kat Von D via NYC: Hits & Misses”

  1. 02/12/2013 at 7:06 AM #

    I love this lipstick. It stays on for hours. Blendable and semi- creamy. Kat Von D’s whole line is amazing for oily skin.

    • 08/12/2013 at 10:09 AM #

      Hi Emma, yes it does last reasonably well! I can’t comment on the oily skin component myself – my skin is normal/combination these days. Have a great Sunday!

  2. 03/12/2013 at 12:37 PM #

    I’d love to try Kat Von D cosmetics simply because I was a huge fan of hers (that dipped a bit in her Jesse James dating days).

    I’ve tried the eye primer and wasn’t too impressed, however I LOVE her perfumes! Sinner is a big favourite (have a big bottle of this and its gorgeous), but I also have the Adora/Sinner/Saint/Poetica rollerballs, and Saint/Sinner solid ring.

    I’d love to try her eye palettes but I hear they are also a bit hit and miss!

    • 08/12/2013 at 10:08 AM #

      Hi Nalini, thank you for stopping by! :) Haha yes I know what you mean re Jesse James. Hmmm maybe I should give her perfume a try as I didn’t notice that instore!

      I hope you have a fab week ahead! x

  3. 13/12/2013 at 12:26 PM #

    I have been wanting to check out the Kat Von D range for a long time! But with the recent ongoings with Sephora and parcel forwarding… sigh tough luck! I have to say I have quite a high impression of the range though given the price and having heard a lot of raves especially with the US bloggers. Thanks for the informative post xx
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