Let’s get nosy: Products I do & don’t recommend for nose piercing after care

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I hope that you are all having a great week! :) I think I might have mentioned that I injured my foot the weekend before last. Unfortunately it is taking a long time to heal, and I have had to have some time off to recover! I have to keep off my foot as possible which includes avoiding driving (it’s my left foot, and I have a manual/stick shift car). So my strategy for today’s post was to type it on my iPad but hop over to the PC for the photos.

I had considered doing a video on this topic but realised it’s probably going to be more clear if I cover this in writing.

Let’s get started!


You might have noticed that I’ve been looking a bit different in my photos, since my return from New York.

Can you see it?

portrait (Copy)

In case you’re wondering, I’ve got an OCC Lip Tar – anime – on my lips. Great colour!

Here, I’ll make it clearer! ;P

This, of course, is not the real Patrick - I was at Madame Tussaud's LOL :)

This, of course, is not the real Patrick – I was at Madame Tussaud’s LOL :)

Sure, I’ve had my ears pierced since childhood, but I was totally new to looking after a face/body piercing!

I am happy to report that, almost 3 months post piercing, my nose is healing well and I did not experience any swelling or major infections during this period.

This is not designed to replace professional advice from your piercer – always listen to them! – but here is what worked for me:

  1. Research what you want to have done, the type of piercing, before swinging by a studio. This way you can make an educated decision, rather than just acting on the fly! For example, you may need to consider such issues as will or won’t a piercing be acceptable at your place of work.
  2. Get any and all piercings done professionally, by a reputable studio. I went to Andromeda upon the recommendation of my (well pierced!) cousin.
  3. Discuss what you are wanting with the piercer and ask questions. It was important that I did ask a lot of questions, as they originally had wanted to place my stud in a place that would make it difficult to wear a ring (I want to be able to wear a stud OR ring, whereas other people may specifically only want one or the other).
  4. Ask the piercer which gauge they are using (this determines the size of the jewelery you will wear in it now and later – mine is 18g).
  5. Follow the studio’s recommended aftercare instructions! Andromeda were great because they gave me an information sheet to take home – there was no way I could forget! :)

I bought the products my piercer recommended for aftercare, but found that of these only 1 was necessary in my case (the cotton tip there is there for me to remind you that using a cotton tip to clean is best for your nose! Cotton balls snag on the jewelery):


I strongly recommend H2Ocean spray. It is so easy to use. It is a solution of sea salt, purified water, and minerals to help heal you up fast. I rotate the jewelery, then spray H2Ocean onto a cotton tip then swab around the outside of the jewelery, then spray the other (clean) tip and do the inside. I bought these in the US – the small size was perfect for taking onboard the plane home – but the official website is here (I notice they also produce products for tattoo aftercare). The RRP in the US is approximately $10 for the large can, and $8 for the smaller one.



I found that the Studex After Piercing Lotion (in the white bottle; RRP approximately $8) wasn’t really necessary. It smelt a bit chemical like and didn’t seem to do anything that the H2Ocean couldn’t, so I ceased using it after about a week.

A cheaper option for cleaning and caring for the piercing – which was also recommended to me by the piercer as an alternative to H2Ocean – is simply to dissolve 1/4 tablespoon of non-iodised sea salt into an 8 oz (approx. 230mL) glass of boiling water. Let it cool to at least “warm” temperature (check it first!) and then apply the solution to the piercing site. I noticed this sells at my local supermarket for approximately $2 AUD – mega bargain but it is not so great if/when travelling or if you are in a hurry.

sea salt

I was advised that I need to wait 3 months before I can change my jewelery – it’s going to be interesting trying to get it out!


Do you have any piercings?

What do you think of my tips? Have I left anything out?




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7 Responses to “Let’s get nosy: Products I do & don’t recommend for nose piercing after care”

  1. 21/11/2013 at 8:02 AM #

    Salt water soaks and cleanings have been used in piercing care for longer than anyone can trace back and they really help the healing process.
    Emily Kristina recently posted..Men Skin vs. Women Skin: Is There Really A Difference?My Profile

  2. Anna
    21/11/2013 at 10:14 AM #

    Great post, the piercing looks awesome. I had mine done in Adelaide and it was great, but the stud fell out a few years ago while away and I let it close up. Kinda sad I did! The piercing studio told me to just use contact lens cleaner solution, as it is basically salty water like your home remedy. I had terrible advice when I got my Travis (inner ear lobe) done, they said to use antibacterial hand lotion! And of course I got a bubble/infection, cause the soap was killing the good bacteria as well as the bad. Salty water/Lens solution is all you need :)

    • 22/11/2013 at 4:04 AM #

      Hi Anna, thanks! Ohhhh that’s a good idea re the Lens Solution! :) Shame about your loss of yours, and the antibac lotion advice.

  3. 21/11/2013 at 10:18 PM #

    Love the ring Sarah! I found both my nose and septum piercings super easy to change, hopefully you have the same experience! :)

    • 22/11/2013 at 4:02 AM #

      Thanks Ammy! Wow you’ve changed your septum already? :) Thanks, I hope so too! (Well, I’ve accidentally almost taken it out a few times – snagging on a towel for example! – so hopefully straightforward hehe)

  4. 24/11/2013 at 6:45 AM #

    Great post Sarah. I had my navel pierced years ago when that was a thing (regret it now mind you), and I could have done with your advice back then. I don’t remember getting any info sheet, and ended up with an infection. The G.P. I saw was extremely judgemental and made me feel much worse. I kept my piercing at the time and used an antibiotic cream to heal it up. Much later I found a 9 carat gold piece of jewellery with a cubic zirconia that I thought was rather classy hehe, and paid around $100 for it. I actually had an allergic reaction to it every time I put it in, and had to give it away. So, my 2 cents of advice is to be really careful when choosing your jewellery and hopefully find something hypoallergenic.
    Susannah recently posted..Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set reviewMy Profile

    • 25/11/2013 at 10:54 AM #

      Hi Susannah, thank you! Oh wow you were brave! :) For some reason I don’t like touching my belly button area so to get it pierced would be huge for me hehe! That is a shame about how your body couldn’t tolerate the jewelwry. I agree with your tips, thank you for sharing! :)